AAJ-NY: David S. Ware’s Saturnian (AUM Fidelity)


Gordon Marshall reviews David S. Ware‘s recent AUM Fidelity release, Saturnian (solo saxophones, vol. 1), in the August issue of AllAboutJazz-New York.

“It is a record of hope and impeccable happiness that transmutes trial and trauma into virtuoso leaps of the soul,” he writes. “There is nothing dry about this outing, however cerebral. It is funky and down-home bluesy. Ware leaves no one out of the conversation, us or his precursors, who are brought to life holographically in a virtual symphony of synecdoche—that is, in stylistic hints that bring them present together in full—perpetuating an intergenerational chain, a gush of black gold we may hope is never capped.”

AUM Fidelity will release Ware’s next recording, Onecept, featuring William Parker and Warren Smith, September 14th.