Ebates Review For 2018

Ebates.com is one of the many cash back shopping websites currently available online. But unlike many similar sites, Ebates.com is quite open on how it works and how its users can make money.

So what is Ebates.com? Is Ebates legit?

Ebates.com is a rewards website that gives its users cash backs after shopping through its several affiliate stores. Ebates.com has relationships with several online stores including Best Buy, Amazon, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, among others.

After signing up to Ebates.com, you get referred to a store, and when you make a purchase, Ebates.com gets a commission from the merchants, and then they share the commission with you, giving you a percentage. So basically, the store will get money from you, ebates.com gets money from the store, and then you get money from ebates.com, a super win-win situation.

The fact that ebates.com has several affiliates (more than 2,000 online stores) means that you have a wide variety of choices.

How it works.

As pointed out earlier, you must sign up for you to use Ebates.com. Signing up is free. Again, after signing up, new members get a $10 bonus. Ebates sends you the gift card after completing a purchase of at least $25.

After signing up, you will search for a store (among the Ebates affiliates of course) that you would like to shop at then click on the “shop now” button. Once you have completed your purchase, a percentage, of the amount you spent will show up in your Ebates account.

You will get paid via PayPal. Therefore, preferably, your PayPal email address should be the one you when signing up on Ebates.

In case you don’t get what you need at a particular store, click on the “All Stores” button, and an exhaustive list of stores will appear.

How to get your cash back.

Once your cash back stays in your account for sixty days and it exceeds $5.01, you get your cash via PayPal on any of the following days; 15TH February, 15th May, 15th August, and 15th November. If you earned less than that, your cash back is carried over to the immediate next check.

Ebates Pros:

• There are very clear instructions. Each store shows the cash back percentage you will earn, and the exact amount is credited to your account once you complete the purchase.
• There are a variety of stores. This means that you have a broad range of retailers to choose.
• Sign up bonuses. You will get a $10 bonus for just signing up on Ebates.com.
• Excellent customer service. Ebates has been very effective at listening and answering any questions and complaints from customers.

Ebates Cons:

• Payments are once every three months. This is unlike other rebate sites that pay every month.
• Missed payments. They can at times mess up a customer’s payout, and once this happens, you have to wait for it to be added to the payout, which is, of course, three months later.
• Lower cash back percentages. Compared to some other rebate sites, Ebates.com has lower cash back rates.