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The usage of social media Apps has a significant impact on the life of society in many ways. The debate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, not to mention the dating sites grows every day. Much emphasis has been put into the positive effect of the different social media avenues. However, the same has a negative side which may even overweigh the latter. These platforms have changed how people communicate and relate with their partners, friends as well as families. Therefore, it is essential to understand some of these associations that the usage of social media affects, and how they relate to family. These associations include social relationships, family relationships, and professional relationships. This essay elaborates on the impacts of social media platforms on links and the well-being of a family.

Social relationships

Usage of social media in communication plays a significant role in how people relate to friends and society at large. Kassam (2018) provides that overexposure to social media is associated with numerous controversies which affect a person’s sanity and self-esteem. In essence, social media posts contain a variety of materials which impacts different moods, attitude, and behaviors to an individual. Consequently, the person may become violent, lonely or anxious, which affects how they relate to one another in the society. Furthermore, a person may spend too much time indoors or on their mobile phones, on social media, that they forget and lack time to share with their friends, and they may end up losing friends and being lonely. This problem may extend to the family level, and the person may lose the family love and attention.

Family relationships

A good family relationship forms the core association in which a person grows and learns virtues that are important for their well-being in society. Cohen (2018) provides an excellent example of how addiction to a social media platform, Facebook, contributes to conflicts, jealousy among partners and later breakups in a family. Cairns (2014) also provide insight into how social media usage among teenagers contributes to children delinquency and rebellion. Such instances are nothing but destructive to the family cohesion and well-being. Parents spending more time on social media also may fail to have adequate time to talk and discipline to their children which further elevates the rebellion and destroys parent-child relationships.

Professional relationships

Honor and respect are essential aspects of professional development. According to Rajeev and Jobilal (2015), surveillance on social media, whether at one’s consent or not may have a deteriorative role in one’s career. What people post may be used against them in their place of work and may ruin their association with the colleagues and employers. Consequently, the person may get fired or may quit their job thus fail to provide for their families. Such incidences may lead to breakups in families as well as rebellion and lack of respect.


In conclusion, social media has numerous effects on different relationships including social, family and professional associations. Despite most of the impacts of using social media platforms being deteriorating, there may be a positive side of the same. Therefore, understanding how social media avenues affect such relationships is critical not only in strengthening family and social relations but also maintaining an excellent professional relationship.