TV Streaming Has Changed The Landscape

Watching TV especially at this time and era has never been much more exciting. From TV drama, movie comedy, documentary, favorite series or even music. TV viewership has been made much fun and entertainment pushed to its maximum. You can now catch your latest episode as soon as it is released. Thanks to these cool new tv box that made us say bye bye to the analog era. Today we shift our attentions to two of the best coolest tv we have. I am talking about Apple TV and Amazon Fire. Sit back relax and watch as apple meets fire.

With Apple TV you can now buy, rent or even better yet stream a movie, or how about listening to your favorite song. It works well and very easy to set up. Apple TV features content from HBO, Netflix, GO, Hulu Plus, ESPN and much more. With Apple TV, technology is really being put to good use. With their new feature of controlling Apple TV using your iPhone or iPad things are already looking up for the Apple lovers. To use this cool new feature you must first download the remote app from Apple Store and sign with the same ID used to activate home sharing from the Apple TV.

You can also use this cool Apple TV to access your favorite music, movie or media from your laptop. Apple TV boast of crystal clear qualities of up to 4k, 1080p and also 720p resolution with an HD view. With TV cool such as this, it’s a must have for every household. Apple TV has also one of the best audio sound systems. Amazon fire is definitely high up in the ranks, imagine saying what you want to watch! Yes, it has this unique voice search. With Amazon fire you can enjoy contents from Netflix, Now, Amazon instant video, HBO, music and much more. It has crystal clear qualities of 4k, 1080p, 720p, HD with quality audio sound. Amazon fire helps you fling apps to your TV. There are many useful apps that you can add to your TV.

If you are a prime Amazon customer you can get to enjoy movies with prime instant music, prime instant video with collections from HBO. With Amazon TV you can certainly be sure to enjoy your tv time. Whether it’s for home use, commercial or recreational purpose everyone is left happy and equally satisfied.Whether it is Amazon fire or Apple TV, we are guaranteed to have the best time of our life. With so much to offer from little kids to adults, politicians to gamblers, entertainers to religious people or even scientist to explorers we all find what we love in this tv. With a changing technology, the future of these TV boxes is set to evolve and turn into a big fun place for both home and commercial viewership. They have brought a diversity of different culture, tradition and even lifestyles of communities around the world. They have promoted peace and brought an understanding of different aspects of life right into our living rooms.